My interests include family life, martial arts/fitness, music, movies, socialising, motor racing, digital photography and international travel.

Martial Arts/Fitness

Karate has been a passion of mine since my teens, my ultimate goal is to become a black belt and win a national kumite tournament. Ultimately I would like to follow in my karate instructor's footsteps and help others by teaching classes.

I started in October 1990 and have trained ever since, with a short break while my children were little. I am currently a 1st Kyu and train twice times a week.

During my time I have trained with various regionals clubs and now with the Shögeki EKKA Martial Arts Club. I have entered various competitions, have attended technical grading and refereeing courses, occasionally cover classes for my instructor, and actively help promote the club through demonstrations around the community in addition to maintaining their website. Highlights include the following:

  • Receiving runner-up student of the year for 2008, second only to an outstanding student who graded to 1st Dan with the Flu!
  • Achieving my brown belt (a long-time ambition)
  • Winning in the men's 6-4th Kyu Kumite at the EKKA Nationals in 2007

Starting in 2007, I used Kickboxing to enhance my Karate technique, flexibility, strength and stamina. I found the pad work very useful to gauge the effectiveness of combinations and the sparring bolstered my fighting skills. I trained at least once a week with the Shögeki EKKA Martial Arts Club.

Since the kick boxing classes stopped, I started training at the gym. I now attend the gym for 30 minutes prior to every Karate class in addition to an hour at least three times a week at the Stowupland Sports Centre Fitness Suite this helps my strength and stamina.

Digital Photography

I was a fortunate enough to obtain a Digital SLR camera a few years back and have since turned from a photography enthusiast to someone very passionate about taking quality photographs. My forte is landscape photography, however, have turned my hand to pretty much all genres of photography.

I have attended structured classes and obtained qualifications for photography, in addition to reading many books on the subject, networking and learning with individuals far better than me.

Please see my portfolio on the excellent 500px photography showcase website.